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Letters and Newsnotes

On this page you will find the most recent edition of Newsnotes as well as copies of any recent letters or information that has been sent home.


Newsnotes is the school’s weekly communication sheet containing important information, celebrations of achievement and events, and a weekly Jewish learning section. Past copies of Newsnotes can be found in the school office, and the most recent edition can be downloaded using the link below:

Newsnotes 23rd November 2018

Newsnotes 9th November 2018

Newsnotes 19th October 2018

Newsnotes 14th September 2018

Newsnotes 20th July 2018

Newsnotes 13th July 2018

Newsnotes 29th June

Newsnotes 8th June

Newsnotes 25th May 2018

Newsnotes 11th May 2018

Newsnotes 27th April 2018

Newsnotes 12th April 2018

Newsnotes 29th March 2018

Newsnotes 16th March 2018

Newsnotes 2nd March 2018

Newsnotes 9th February 2018

Newsnotes 26th January 2018

Newsnotes 12th January 2018

Newsnotes 8th December 2017

Newsnotes 24th November 2017

Newsnotes 10th November 2017

Newsnotes 20th October 2017

Newsnotes 29th September 2017

Newsnotes 15th September 2017

Newsnotes 7th July 2017

Newsnotes 30th June 2017

Newsnotes 23rd June 2017

Newsnotes 16th June 2017

Newsnotes 9th June 2017

Newsnotes 19th May 2017

Newsnotes 5th May 2017

Newsnotes 7th April 2017

Newsnotes 31st March 2017

Newsnotes 24th March 2017

Newsnotes 17th March 2017

Newsnotes 10th March 2017

Newsnotes 3rd March 2017

Newnotes 24th February 2017

Newsnotes 10th February 2017

Newsnotes 3rd February 2017

Newsnotes 27th January 2017

Newsnotes 20th January 2017

Newsnotes 13th January 2017

Newsnotes 6th January 2017

Newsnotes 16th December 2016

Newsnotes 9th December 2016

Newsnotes 2nd December 2016

Newsnotes 25th November 2016

Newsnotes 18th November 2016

Newsnotes 11th November 2016

Newsnotes 4th November 2016

Newsnotes 21st October 2016

Newsnotes 14th October 2016

Newsnotes 7th October 2016

Newsnotes 30th September 2016

Newsnotes 23rd September 2016

Newsnotes 16th September 2016

Newsnotes 9th September 2016



Class Letters
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