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School News

Last Friday the whole school including the Nursery class walked to Spring Hill Recreation Ground for our annual Sports Day. The sun was shining and the children were fantastically well behaved despite their excitement and anticipation.

At the park we started with warm-up stretches before being split in class groups and stationed at different posts for different activities. There was long jump, javelin, sack race, skipping race, beat the goalie, throw the beanbag in the ho…op, the list goes on…

After the activities, everyone sat to enjoy their packed lunch. Then we had the class races and the tug of war competition. Next we had the parent’s egg and spoon race and the teacher’s egg and spoon race followed by the parent’s versus the teacher’s tug of war competition.

Finally, after a wonderful, fun filled, action packed day we returned to school. Well done to everyone that participated.