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In 2010 the government introduced national changes to nursery funding. All three to four year old nursery children in the UK now receive 15 hours free nursery entitlement per week. Children are entitled to enter nursery in the term after they turn three years old.

There are two available sessions each day at Simon Marks nursery. Children may be entitled to a free full time place or parents can opt to pay for additional hours. We apply the free entitlement flexibly so that parents may opt for morning or afternoon sessions to make up their free entitlement but this must be selected when the child enters nursery and applies for the rest of the academic year in which the child is enrolled. This is because staffing arrangements and contracts have to be agreed and are not subject to change. Parents are required to select the sessions they wish their children to attend, prior to the start of the academic year. This constitutes a binding contract.

Nursery charges remain a fee and not a voluntary contribution; they cannot therefore be paid under gift aid or by charity vouchers.