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Self Evaluation

Every school completes a Self Evaluation Form (SEF) which is a tool to help the leadership and management of the school review how the school is progressing according to specific objectives outlined in the most recent Ofsted report in order to inform and plan for improvements.

The governing body has become increasingly vigilant and sharpened its procedures for holding the school to account.

Ofsted 2015

The SEF should be a working document which is regularly used to inform governors of the school’s improvement activity and is updated as part of the school’s self evaluation process. It should be developed by and used to inform leaders, middle leaders and senior staff.

Simon Marks’ most recent SEF analyses the progress and attainment of the pupils currently in the school as well as providing anaylsis of data and information related to pupils’ behaviour and safety including exclusions, rewards and sanctions, incident logs and attendance. Details of the effectiveness of specific interventions to improve achievement of particular groups of pupils and the views of parents, carers, staff and pupils are also shown.