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Children have their own unique personalities and abilities. We aim to meet the school community’s educational, social, emotional and physical needs by creating an environment that encourages everyone to achieve their full potential.

We aim:
• To provide a stable and safe environment where children and staff are stimulated, engaged and eager to learn and work.
• To encourage children to be self-disciplined, confident and flexible, and to have a high degree of self-esteem.
• To foster a caring, sensitive community where everyone matters and where we all respect the needs, cultures and beliefs of others both inside and outside the school.
• To match activities and resources to the needs and abilities of each child so that every child is challenged academically, physically and socially.
• To teach within the framework of the Foundation stage and the National Curriculum with an emphasis on the development of a broad range of learning skills.
• To establish an environment of high expectations and achievements for all members of the community.
• To establish an environment where teaching and non-teaching staff, governors, parents, carers and visitors feel welcomed and respected.

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