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School Meals


Changes to school dinner arrangements from January 2015:

The government allows us to restrict dining on the premises to school dinners and from January 1st 2015 new food standards for school food came into force. We have reviewed all menus in the light of the new more stringent nutritional standards.

Bread now has to be served as an accompaniment to all meals so we will have adjusted the ‘light’ option accordingly. There will always be a meat or fish main, a vegetarian main and accompanying vegetables. Then there will always be a jacket potato offered with tuna, or coleslaw or baked bean topping. The salad cart will also be offered. Desserts will always offer fresh fruit whole or in a salad and one other. A full menu can be viewed below.

The government funds all school dinners for Reception, Years 1 and 2. Children in other year groups are still charged. Parents are requested to pay for these weekly, monthly or at the beginning of each term. Parents should pay for school dinners via ParentPay.

Please note that no packed lunches are allowed on the premises and all children either register for meals or are able to go home for lunch.

Please note that as a Jewish school, the Simon Marks Jewish Primary School kitchen is a kosher one. All ingredients are purchased from kosher suppliers and/or approved under the United Synagogue kashrut guide.

School dinners are served in the dining area.

Pupils in nursery and Key Stage 1 receive fresh fruit in the morning break; others may bring fruit snacks and water for playtime. Parents are invited to sign up to the school milk scheme.

If you would like to discuss free school meals, or any other aspect of school meals, please contact the school office.