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How many supported free full time places are available?

The school has been allocated 14 full time places and 26 part-time places for families that fulfil one or more the criteria. Parents who believe that they should be considered for such places must apply via the school office on application. For families of children already attending nursery, please complete only the Funded Full Time Places Assessment Form then return it to the office.

When the school is closed for Jewish holidays in the autumn term, will payments be adjusted?

The number of weeks included in the termly charges will be adjusted. Please note there is some adjustment for early Fridays already built into the termly charges. The nursery is open for children in line with the rest of the school for 190 days per academic year.

If my child attends only morning or afternoon sessions, can he/she stay for lunch?

Children who are part time are welcome to stay for school lunch if parents would like them to have this social experience. You can get up to date lunch rates from the school office. Extended stay is for an additional 30 minutes and this will only happen if the school feels the pupil is ready.

If my child is absent, can I get a refund for a session I have paid for at the start of the term?

Unfortunately absences cannot be refunded, as staff costs still have to be paid for during these sessions. It is not possible to exchange paid sessions for free entitlement sessions or to exchange/transfer sessions between children. Please speak to the Headteacher in the event of extended absences.