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Ivrit (Modern Language)


At Simon Marks we teach Hebrew (Ivrit) as a modern foreign language using a range of pedagogical tools, including interactive learning, with the most up-to-date technology. Hebrew-speaking parents volunteer to lead small group conversation sessions.

Hebrew lessons are delivered using the online resource Ivrit Beclick. This resource includes graduated study units dealing with a variety of topics. Central to each unit is a short video clip depicting a situation in daily life, and the rest of the unit is made up of interactive activities and games, worksheets, flash cards, and other materials.

Children learn how to recognise, read and speak basic Hebrew from the Early Years Foundation Stage, and by the time our pupils leave the school they are proficient in reading, writing and speaking.

A love and respect for Israel, its rich and diverse history and culture is a fundamental part of the Hebrew curriculum. We believe it is essential for pupils to appreciate that Hebrew is a modern living language and our teaching about Israel reinforces this understanding.

A highlight of the school year is the celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day in May). Children come to school wearing blue and white clothes representing Israel’s national colours and take part in a range of exciting activities including lighting birthday candles for Israel, Israeli dancing and eating birthday cake and falafel!

If you are a parent who speaks Hebrew confidently and would like to volunteer to lead small group conversations, please contact us.

Familiarise yourself with Hebrew words and phrases you may hear around the school.