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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding for schools in England, by the government to support children in receipt of free school meals (FSM) and or when pupils have been in care or are adopted. The intention is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close/ narrow the achievement gap between them and their peers. At Simon Marks we target our interventions to bring about both measurable academic progress and broader enrichment for the development of the whole child as an inclusive practice. All pupil groups are tracked termly and we match interventions to needs as identified. We recognise needs change over the year and interventions are altered accordingly.

Here are our key aims for the funding which are in line with our whole school development plan:

The following is a breakdown of how pupil premium grant was used to support our priorities and aims in 2018/2019:

Academic Year   2018-2019
Allocated Funds- £44,200   Monies spent
Booster Classes for year 2 and year 6   £4,800
DHT interventions (numeracy)   £9,660
DHT interventions (literacy)   £14,040
Learning mentor interventions (yr 2)   £4,660
Learning mentor interventions (yr 6)   £2,400
Learning mentor interventions- whole school £14,000  
Learning mentor 1:1 interventions (whole school)   £1,800
Total expenditure £51,360