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Jewish Studies


Jewish Studies


Jewish Studies (JS) teaching and learning is across all Key Stages.

In EYFS, children have the opportunity to learn the basics of Jewish history and values through interaction with the weekly Torah portions, and through celebration of festivals throughout the year. They also learn the Hebrew Aleph Bet and begin to look at some vowels.

Key Stage One (KS1) pupils learn from, learn about, and experience the festivals (chagim), Jewish History and stories from the Torah. This aims to be a ‘staging post’ that builds on skills and knowledge gained in EYFS, and provides a foundation for the Key Stage Two (KS2) curriculum.

In KS2, the children focus mainly on Jewish values that are applicable to the wider world. This is mainly delivered through the Etgar programme, which includes a beautifully designed textbook and a national inter-schools quiz that takes place towards the end of Year 5. Children also take more responsibility for delivering various assemblies throughout the year around the Chagim.

We adopt an experiential approach to teaching the festivals and Jewish values by linking the mainstream curriculum and the Jewish curriculum in ‘creative links’ lessons. We celebrate the festivals and events with a strong tradition of performance and these dramatic and musical presentations are also rehearsed in both Jewish Studies and linked lesson curriculum time.

Our partnership with Tzedek, the Jewish social action organisation, has been very successful.  We have incorporated Tzedek materials into our Jewish Education and wider curriculum.  This is usually covered in Year 4.

The school is proud to be a partner with the Three Faiths Forum.  Over the years we have linked with three Muslim schools and are currently involved in a partnership with our neighbours at the Olive Primary School, a Muslim Free School.  This affords the children the opportunity to interact with their peers in an ever-changing, increasingly diverse world.