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Meet The Team

Ms Gulcan Metin-Asdoyuran


I have been in primary education for 32 years. I have a passion for getting education ‘right’ for each pupil. Learning should be fun, and our job is about growing a passion for learning in every child. I have the highest aspirations for every pupil, including pupils with special educational needs. Pupils who have left Simon Marks always come back to tell us how smart they are at secondary school in comparison to their peers!

Mr Robin DasGupta

Deputy Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Deputy Headteacher of Simon Marks as it is a very special school.  I have been teaching for over fifteen years and have a strong belief in helping pupils reach their potential. Outside school, I enjoy reading, food, weightlifting, watching Liverpool FC and current affairs.

Mr Zachary Jacobs

Assistant Headteacher & Head of ARP

I have been working in Primary education for over 20 years. I started my career working with children with autism and learning difficulties. Being born and raised in North London, the traditions and cultures of Jewish life have been woven into me. I am passionate about education and strive to help every child reach their potential.  I am therefore delighted to be the Head of the Additional Resource Provision for autistic children.

Rabbi Nicholas Goldmeier

Consultant Rabbi in Residence

I have been involved in Anglo-Jewish education for the past 25 years, working with a number of different schools and teacher training organisations. I am passionate about the continuity of Modern Orthodox Judaism and imparting the wonderful and rich Jewish traditions to children of all ages.

Mr Syed Gilani

Acting Assistant Headteacher Year 5 & Year 6 Teacher

‘I have been teaching at Simon Marks for many years now and have enjoyed working with all the year groups. I currently teach year 5 and 6 and also help coordinate a number of subjects across the school. I love teaching and feel there is no other job like it. My passion for teaching stems from my grandparents who were both teachers. I enjoy playing a number of sports but kayaking is my favourite.’

Mrs Libby Johnstone

Year 3 Support Staff

My name is Elizabeth Johnstone, known as Libby.  Although I have only been working 9 years in Simon Marks, I have been a Teaching Assistant for 23 years.  In my spare time I enjoy cooking and baking.

Ms Sevcan Keskin

Year 4 Support Staff

My name is Miss Sev and I am a Teaching Assistant at Simon Marks Jewish Primary School.  Although I’ve been here since September 2018, I have over 10 years’ experience working with children from EYFS to KS2.  I enjoy working with children and young people and seeing them progress in life to achieve their personal goals.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my nephews, drawing and doing various sports. 

Mrs Sabiha Pathan

Year 5 & 6 Support Staff

I have been a teaching-assistant, breakfast supervisor and midday supervisor at Simon Marks Jewish Primary School since 2005. I love working with the children at Simon Marks and enjoy helping them in their learning and throughout their day in school.

Ms Afet Nasif

Year 3 & 4 Class Teacher

My name is Ms Afet Nasif and I have been working in Primary education for about 20 years now. I started my journey in education as a midday meal supervisor / higher level teaching assistant and I am now a qualified teacher of thirteen years. I am proud to be part of Simon Marks, and I love working with the children and I am passionate about working alongside the parents within our school community.

Mr Hakan Durak

Year 3 Teacher

As a teacher, I’m deeply passionate about guiding my students to reach their fullest potential and become the best versions of themselves. I have many years of experience teaching in both KS1 and KS2. 

Mr Yavuz Durak

Year 1 & 2 Teacher

Hi, my name is Mr Durak. I have been working at Simon Marks for almost 5 years, where each day is an exciting journey. I feel Simon Marks is more than just a school – it’s a vibrant community and a second family. It’s a pleasure to be here and guide students to reach their full potential.

Ms Bianca Kehinde

Year 1 & 2 Support Staff

I have been working at Simon Marks for 22 years. I am very dedicated to my role and passionate in supporting children to achieve their potential goals. During my spare time I enjoy doing a variety of exercise, dancing and cooking.

Mrs Emily Daines

EYFS Teacher

I have been teaching for 14 years with experience across Primary but specialising in Early Years. I am really passionate about teaching our youngest pupils and making their work fun and interesting, encouraging them to develop a love of learning which they can carry with them. I am a mum of 5 and in my free time I love travelling and playing the guitar.

Mrs Sharon Shalom

EYFS Support Staff

I enjoy being a Teaching Assistant at Simon Marks.  I am dedicated to helping children develop, progress and reach their full potential.  In my spare time I like spending time with family and friends. 

Mrs Tally David

Ivrit Teacher

I have been working in Primary education for over 20 years. I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but have been living in North London for over 30 years. I truly believe that learning another language helps to open up the world and Ivrit also helps children to not only be part of another modern society, but also helps them to relate to the culture and traditions of the past. In my spare time I enjoy getting fit and dancing.

Mrs Irit Cohen

Ivrit Support Staff

I love my role supporting Ivrit and staff around the school, and I have over 20 years’ experience in the classroom. After growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel, I moved to London when I was in my 20s. Helping children gain the skills of a modern foreign language and expand their knowledge and view of the world is extremely rewarding. When not in the classroom, I spend my time working out in the gym, but I am also passionate about music and dance. 

Ms Beata Glapinska-Obasogie

ARP Teacher

My name is Beata I have been working in the special needs sector for 15 years and am passionate about providing creative and multi-sensory learning experiences for my students.  I have been working at Simon Marks since September 2023 in the new ARP and I feel very supported to create exciting learning for our pupils. I am given the freedom to explore and grow in experience and understanding so I  can meet individual student’s needs. Each day I make sure that my students have a new exciting adventure and opportunities to achieve their full potential. 

Mrs Jackie Osborne

Learning Mentor

I have been involved in primary education for twenty-four years and the Learning Mentor at Simon Marks for seven years.  I am also Lead Peer Mediator and one of the school’s Attendance Officers, encouraging children to not only attend school but also to arrive on time.  I enjoy all types of sport and encouraging pupils to take part in all aspects of school life.

Mrs Sue Zion

School Admin Officer

I have been working at the school for the last 22 years in various roles.  I am the school reception and admin assistant.  I enjoy working at Simon Marks and being part of the changes in the school over the years. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family.

Mr Oliver Hamilton

Music Teacher

Mr Mohamed Oulmane


Ms Toyin Fayiga

ARP Support Staff

I have experience working with children through a number of community roles. I have a passion for making a difference to young lives and working in the school’s ARP allows me to see progress every day.

Ms Rebecca Harris

Year 6 Support Staff

I have 10 years experience in education, in particular supporting pupils with needs in literacy. I have researched Jewish History and art in general and am proud to bring these skills to Simon Marks. I love the school’s diversity and enriched curriculum.

Ms Dulcie Anderson

Cleaning Team

I’m Dulcie and I have been working at Simon Marks for over 30 years. I love the school community. In my spare time I enjoy taking walks and shopping.

Ms Angela Babapulle


I have been making lunches for children for over thirty years. I enjoy cooking and working with all of the pupils.

Ms Abena Opuku


I have been working in the school kitchen for more than two years. I enjoy seeing all the pupils at lunchtime and their happy faces.

Mrs Ranjit Kaur

Midday Meal Supervisor

I have been at Simon Marks for seventeen years. I enjoy making sure that all pupils have a high-quality, nutritious lunch.

Mr Hector Ospina


I’m Hector and I come from Columbia. I love my work in Simon Marks and love talking to the parents and children as they arrive and leave school. One of my favourite things about England are the English breakfasts.