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Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Year 5

6th February 2017

For Art Day, Year 5 explored what the Tree of Life meant and the different interpretations that there are in the media.  Many of the Tree of Life images we saw had meanings behind them, such as keeping the environment safe or the importance of nature preservation.  We then decided what type of message we… [Read More]

Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Year 4

For Art day, Year 4 children studied the works of Giuseppe Penone, who is well known for his works and sculptures which involve using twigs, branches, trees, plants, cardboard, etc. Beforehand, we collected a range of resources which would allow us to try and make sculptures that linked with Tu B’Shevat.  On the day, we discussed… [Read More]

Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Reception Class

Reception children were inspired by the portrait artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The children chopped, peeled and spiralised different types of fruit and vegetables to create 3 dimensional portraits.  

Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Year 2

Year 2 were inspired by the artist Chanan Mazal.  We began our art day with some observational drawings of pomegranates, the main fruit to appear in the artist’s work.  We worked with willow charcoal and focused on making our drawings BIG.  We were very pleased with how we each drew what we saw in a… [Read More]

Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Year 1

Year 1 re-created the blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent Van Gough. This was in connection to Tu B’Shevat also called ראש השנה לאילנות, which means the New Year of the trees. Year 1 learnt how to use different tools for painting as well as colour mixing.    

Tu B’Shevat Art Day – Year 6

For our Art day in Year 6, we had the theme of botanical watercolour illustrations. We found out about the history and importance of botanical illustrations and looked at a range of artists and their work across the centuries. These included, Pierre-Joseph Redouté (Marie Antoinette’s court appointed garden painter), Albrecht Dürer and others. We spent… [Read More]

Year 6 – Holocaust Memorial Services

3rd February 2017

Year 6 were privileged to be asked to participate at two Holocaust Memorial services this year.  The first was the official Hackney Holocaust Memorial Service at Hackney Town Hall.  It was a very sombre and moving experience. At the beginning of the service the children sang Eili Eili, written by Hannah Senesh.  For the second song, the Year… [Read More]

Year 4 – Viking Assembly

1st February 2017

Year 4 pupils performed their Viking themed assembly this morning.  The class re-enacted ‘Beowulf’, a Viking myth.  This linked in with their Literacy work as they used expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs and adjectives, and action writing techniques in their drama.  They celebrated the valiant Beowulf’s victory against the gruesome fiend with some poetry and… [Read More]

Year 3 – London Eye trip

31st January 2017

On Monday Year 3 went to the London Eye to get the best views of our fabulous city.  The children were able to identify many of our famous landmark buildings, comparing and contrasting new with old, and could see, with the number of cranes, how our city is constantly changing.          … [Read More]

Year 6 – Science Museum Visit

23rd January 2017

Year 6 had a fantastic, jammed packed visit to the Science Museum today. Our topic of Inventors of the Industrial Revolution meant that the models and exhibits of all the steam powered engines were a must see.  Actually getting to see a working model of James Watt’s first steam engine and having a peer inside… [Read More]

Year 1 – Trip to London Zoo

Today we visited London Zoo.  There were so many animals to see and so much walking to do but Year 1 made sure to see them all and were amazed by all the animals they saw.  We classified animals into categories and on the way learnt that giraffes have long tongues.  For some children this… [Read More]

Year 2 – Trip to The Old Operating Theatre

To link with our topic of Significant Nurses, Year 2 took a trip to the Old Operating Theatre, the oldest of it’s kind. The trip was a great place to get all our senses going with things we could touch, smell, hear and look at. We didn’t eat anything, though long ago people would have… [Read More]

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