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School News

Holocaust Memorial Day

28th January 2019

Year 6 visited Hackney Town Hall for the Ceremony to commemorate Holocaust Memorial day. They opened the ceremony with ‘Elli Elli’. They were then joined by the Olive school in singing ‘No wars will stop us singing’. The children were surrounded by familiar faces including the Mayor of Hackney, Phillip Glanville, the Speaker of the… [Read More]

Year 6 Victorian Day

20th November 2018

Our Year 6 pupils became Victorians for the day! We dressed up as Victorians to experience what it would’ve been like to be a school pupil in the 1800s. We had a great day learning sewing, poetry, writing on a chalkboard, handwriting, singing and of course wearing the dunces cap! 

Year 6 – We’re Learning Facts Together

12th July 2018

Our Year 6s made a SATs revision music video back in May and would love for you to take a look!    


29th June 2018

SMJPS SCORE A HAT TRICK! Last week our recent PR activities saw the school feature in three Jewish publications. On Thursday we received coverage in The Jewish News and The Jewish Weekly and on Friday we featured in United Synagogue’s mailing; You & US. We are hoping to follow in England’s footsteps and score 6… [Read More]

Sports Day

Last Friday the whole school including the Nursery class walked to Spring Hill Recreation Ground for our annual Sports Day. The sun was shining and the children were fantastically well behaved despite their excitement and anticipation. At the park we started with warm-up stretches before being split in class groups and stationed at different posts… [Read More]


26th June 2018

Year 6 were very lucky to be joined by Lea to take part in a workshop where they became ‘Fixperts’.  They discussed what fixing meant and where they had to fix in everyday life.  They were then set various challenges where they would need to fix a problem such as turning pages in a newspaper without… [Read More]

Simon Marks Has Got Talent

Last week, we hosted our very own “Simon Marks Has Got Talent” competition and what incredible, talented children we have in our school.  There were singing acts, dancing acts, juggling, piano playing, trumpet playing and even 2 members of our staff that kept a ball in the air between them. Our audience of parents, carers… [Read More]

Year 6 Trip to Central Hall – Westminster

11th June 2018

Year 6 had a brilliant day out to the theatre to watch Mona Golabek perform The Children of Willesden Lane, their class book. Everyone agreed that it was an inspirational performance of a very moving story about a young girl’s experience of the Kindertransport. Well done Year 6 for being great representatives of Simon Marks!

Gardening Update

8th June 2018

Incase you haven’t seen  – amazing things are happening in the garden! We have beautiful pink and orange Californian poppies brightening our day. A sea of colourful cornflowers waving in the breeze (yes they come in white, pink, purple and blue!) We also have courgette flowers blossoming AND….BABY POTATOES!! And in the Early Years garden… [Read More]

Kosher Apprentice

5th June 2018

Today, members of the Jewish organisation; TRIBE, came to visit our Year 6 children. TRIBE delivered a workshop called ‘Kosher Apprentice’. Our Year 6 children have been asked to design a new, kosher, summer snack and decide how would be the best way to market the snack. Their snack design and marketing strategy will be… [Read More]

UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Maths Challenge

25th May 2018

Earlier this term a group of enthusiastic Year 5 and 6 mathematicians took part in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Junior Maths Challenge.  This challenge was for pupils in Year 8 and below so it was amazing that pupils in Year 5 and 6 were giving it a go.  The challenge involved solving some very complex… [Read More]

Shavuot 2018

Last week the children at Simon Marks were preparing for Shavuot. Everyone in the school was busy. Rabbi Mason came to our Kabbalat Shabbat assembly on Friday and talked to the children about Shavuot. The children sat enthralled listening to him talk. To prepare for Shavuot some classes made paper flowers or flowers to wear… [Read More]

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